Keeping Excellent Special Educators/Title 2 Competitive Grant

GOAL: To study and implement practices to recruit and retain exceptional special educators $20,000 Strategic Planning Grants will be awarded to up to 15 eligible districts to:

  • Participate in KESE Taskforce
  • Join the KESE Networked Improvement Community (NIC)
  • Complete a strategic recruitment, induction, and retention planĀ 

Districts that complete strategic plans by April 15, 2023. may include in their plans proposed uses for KESE Kick-Starter grant funds up to $40,000 to enact key aspects of strategic plans.

  • District Priority Criteria: Employing at least 3 novice special education teachers (educators with 3 years of experience or less)
  • Significant challenges with teacher retention, relative to all districts statewide
  • Have not yet broadly implemented inclusive practices
  • Have relatively low proficiency rates among students with disabilities on the state assessments (IDEA indicator 3).

Nicholas Gillon

KESE Project Director/Principal Investigator

Amy Vaughn

KESE Project Coordinator

Erin Stewart

KESE Consulting Project Staff

Dr. Alicia Roberts Frank

KESE Consulting Project Staff

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