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Culturally Responsive Teaching

Culturally responsive teaching is an approach to teaching that recognizes the importance of including students’ cultural backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives in the learning process. It involves creating an inclusive and welcoming learning environment that promotes student engagement, motivation, and academic achievement. Culturally responsive teaching requires educators to understand and appreciate the diversity of their students and to adapt their instructional strategies to meet the unique needs of each student.

Culturally responsive teaching is grounded in the belief that all students can succeed, and that education should be accessible and meaningful for everyone. It is not just about teaching content, but about teaching in a way that is responsive to the needs and experiences of all students.

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 The Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction

Recognizing Heritage, Culture: Enumclaw School District

Sui-Lan Ho’okano is the Cultural Program Manager for the Enumclaw School District. She is Native Hawaiian, Taino Indian, Puerto Rican, Chinese, Africana. She has worked


Intersectionality & Inclusion in the Classroom

Learn about Intersectional Consciousness and explore ways to cultivate diverse and inclusive learning environments for both Teacher Candidates and their students.     Guest Speaker: Dr. Mildred Boveda,


Culturally Responsive Literacy & Education

Learn from the Arizona Department of Education’s focus on Culturally Responsive Literacy & Education, using their Learning Walks Protocol.     Guest Speaker: Sandra Figueroa, M.Ed., Education Program

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Social Justice & Culturally Relevant Education

Learn how Culturally Relevant Education can be used to promote Social Justice for all students on an individual, institutional, and systematic levels.     Guest Speakers: Brittany


Examining Student Diversity Data

Learn about the criteria for student diversity identification and consider how these criteria can be improved to support learner equity. Additional Resources Learning Policy Institute

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Culturally Relevant Education

Learn about the evolution of Culturally Relevant Education as it has transitioned from Culturally Relevant Pedagogy into Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy. Examine how the development of

A black women in an office.

Culturally Responsive Teacher Residency Programs

Learn ways to embed culturally relevant and responsive pedagogy in teacher residency programs, using Louisiana’s Norman C. Francis Teacher Residency program as an in-depth case

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Diverse & Culturally Responsive Teachers

Learn about the evolution and implementation of culturally relevant education using two case studies that illustrate Mississippi’s state-level policies and program enhancement initiatives.  Guest Speakers:

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UW Haring Center for Inclusive Education & UW Demosites

Culturally Responsive Pedagogy Tip Sheet Video

Learn about the inclusionary practice of Culturally Responsive Pedagogy. This video covers (1) the basics of Culturally Responsive Pedagogy, (2) the importance of Culturally Responsive