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Educational Technology

Educational technology (also known as EdTech) refers to the use of technology to enhance and support teaching and learning. This can include the use of software, hardware, and digital tools to improve the quality and accessibility of education.

Educational technology is used to support a wide range of learning objectives, from improving student engagement and collaboration to facilitating personalized and differentiated instruction. It can also be used to provide greater access to educational opportunities, particularly in remote or underserved areas.

Supplemental Materials

 The Special Education Technology Center

Chat GPT for Lexile Level and Vocabulary Support

Spokane school district shares a quick tip for checking the lexile level of text and pulling out key vocabulary from a passage and generating definitions.

A laptop on a students desk showing a zoom meeting.

How to use the Whiteboard in Zoom

Here is a video which demonstrates how to use the whiteboard on the zoom application. The video also discusses the how educators can set restrictions

A video call displaying a discussion between two virtual avatars and a person.
Aidan Aumell

3D Avatars for Virtual Classrooms

Ever been in a virtual classroom when the students do not want to turn on their cameras and be shown to the rest of the

Two screen displays of siri on a iOS phone.
Don McMahon, Ph.D.

Siri in Education

SIRI on iOS devices provides easy and quick access to data from a wide range of databases, communication tools, and organizational resources. Teachers can utilize