Interactive Whiteboard iPads Apps for Educators

Each one of the following iPad apps can function as an interactive whiteboard.  They have a variety of different features and all are great tools!  The key is to compare them to see which one will best meet your needs and teaching style.

A notable feature of the whiteboard apps is the ability to work in conjunction with classroom projectors to display whiteboard demonstrations to an entire class of students. There is a screen mirroring software solution called Reflector4, by Air Squirrel, which can enable the presentation of whiteboard apps on projectors. Reflector4 is a relatively low-cost solution that can be purchased with a one-time payment of $17.99. Apple TV or Chromecast are potential solutions to display your whiteboard app on to a projector as well. As an educator, I would recommend recording and saving your whiteboard demonstrations so students can view your whiteboard demonstrators asynchronously.

1. Educreations

Educreations turns your iPad into a whiteboard. You can use the app to illustrate concepts and narrate what you’re doing on the screen. Share and use lessons on the Educreations website.

Cost: Free

2. ShowMe

ShowMe interactive whiteboard with audio recording.  Create your own or view the thousands of lessons that are already created by other users!  Great app!

Cost: Free

3. Doceri

Doceri is another great whiteboard app that allows users to record instructions and content and share with others!

Cost: Free

4. Microsft Whiteboard

A collaborative whiteboard that allows sharing and storage of whiteboards.  

Cost: Free

Questions to think about

  1. Do you have an interactive whiteboard? If so, how do you currently use your interactive whiteboard in your teaching?
  2. How can you use these interactive whiteboards to increase student engagement?
  3. What feature of these interactive whiteboard apps will be most useful in your teaching? 
  4. Which ones appealed the most to you?