Virtual Reality Applications for Education on Oculus Quest 2

Virtual Reality (VR) has recently become more popular and affordable for teachers and students to use in the classroom. For example, the new Oculus Quest 2 VR headset which was introduced in 2020, sells for $299.99 and can be purchased online or at the store. This short chapter provides educators and students with a list of VR applications that can be used in education across different areas of teaching and learning. Note: All the applications provided on the table can be acquired on the Oculus Quest 2.

Critical Thinking
NodaNoda is an application for building 3D concept maps and diagrams. Students can use this application to build sophisticated concept maps with shapes, text, images, and interconnecting lines. The paid version of the application enables text-to-speech and allows students to collaboratively build concept maps together online. Great application for supporting critical thinking, planning, etc…  Free (paid subscription offered for more access to features)
Sea level Riser Explorer: Santa CruzSea Level Riser Explorer: Santa Cruz, is an application that lets students visualize the potential impacts of sea level rise on the coastal community of Santa Cruz. This application also provides students with the ability to view potential adaptation solutions to mitigate the effects of sea level rise.  Free
Mission: ISS  Mission: ISS, is an application that was designed to provide students with a realistic experience of living in space. In this application, students can explore the entire international space station in space and experience zero gravity. Students also can take guided tours in the space station with real-life astronauts narrating experiences.  Free
National Geographic Explorer VR  National Geographic Explorer VR is an application that lets students role-play as a photographer for National Geographic. In the application, students can travel to different parts of the world to photograph animals in the ecosystem.  $9.99  
Ocean Rift  In Ocean Rift, students can explore the depths of the ocean and learn about various aquatic species and ecosystems. In the application, students can swim among dolphins, sharks, turtles, and much more! Furthermore, students can choose to interact with various narrated tours which focus on specific aspects of the ocean.   $9.99
Language Learning
Mondly: Practice Languages in VR  On Mondly, students can learn and practice new languages in authentic environments and situations. This application allows students to practice new languages in real-life conversations with digital avatars while providing feedback on pronunciation. With this application, students can choose to learn and practice over 30 different languages.$9.99
Google Tilt Brush  In Google Tilt Brush, students can create 3D artwork in a virtual space. Essentially, the room is a pallet and students have the ability to walk through and around their artwork.  $19.99
Painting VRIn contrast to Google Tilt Brush, this painting application allows students to paint on pallet, instead of using a room as a pallet.  In this application, students can mix colors, experiment with different tools, and even use their hand as a brush to smear colors.  $19.99
Social Apps
Horizons Worlds  In Horizons, students can socialize and collaborate in digital spaces. The application also allows students socialize as they play games and create 3D art together.  Free
Alt Space VR  AltSpace VR is very similar to Horizons. The application allows students to socialize in various digital environments while playing an assortment of games.  Free
Anne Frank House  In the Anne Frank House application, students can go back in time to visualize the lived experience of a young Jewish girl in hiding during the second world war in Amsterdam. In this application, students can explore the secret annex in which eight Jewish people lived to hide from the Nazis. Students can also listen to the Jewish girl’s thoughts throughout her two years in hiding while exploring the secret annex.  Free
Traveling While BlackIn this award-winning application, students will visualize and listen to African Americans as they reflect on their experiences traveling while black and race relations in the United States in the past. Worth noting that the stories, images, and language that is used in this application may be difficult to experience for some students.  Free
Physical Activity
Beat SaberIn Beat Saber, students can slice blocks that represent the beat of a song. As students play, students move their bodies and arms to get the best score.  This application is one of the most popular applications of the Oculus Quest and can spark up a sweat in students.  $29.99 (Free demo offered)
Tribe XR: DJ in VR  In Tribe XR, students can learn how to DJ and understand the workings of a DJ board. This application does a great job at providing oral instruction along with animations to teach students all the components of a DJ board. The application showcases the power of providing oral instructions with animations to teach in Virtual Reality.  $29.99
YouTube VRYouTube VR is an application that lets students watch a wide selection of education 360° videos. There are thousands of educational 360° videos hosted YouTube that are free to access to all users.     Free