DIY Land Acknowledgement

Create your own Land Acknowledgment statement with the template provided below to use at your own disposal.

Fill in the blank Land Acknowledgment

[Enter organization or school] is located on the homelands of the [Enter tribe or band name]. We acknowledge their presence here since time immemorial and recognize their continuing connection to the land, to the water, and to their ancestors. 

Currently, there are 42 tribes, 35 of which are federally recognized that share traditional homelands and waterways in what is now Washington State. Some of these are nations and confederacies that represents multiple tribes and bands. [Enter organization or school] expresses its deepest respect for and gratitude towards these original and current caretakers of the region. As an academic community, we acknowledge our responsibility to establish and maintain relationships with these tribes and Native peoples, in support of tribal sovereignty and the inclusion of their voices in education.

Find information on your local Indigenous People

If you do not know whose Native territory you are on, the Native Land web application can be a great resource to find out more information about local indigenous territories and languages. Native land will provide you with information about your local indigenous people based on your geolocation.

More Resources

Beyond Land Acknowledgments

Go Beyond your Land Acknowledgment to support and advocate for Indigenous People movements in the State of Washington.