HLP #12: Systematically Design Instruction Toward a Specific Learning Goal

“This video provides a definition, background, and rationale for high-leverage practice (HLP) 12 and demonstrates three key components of this HLP through video exemplars from in-service practitioners. The three key components highlighted in this video are the importance of setting specific and measurable learning goals for students, organizing and sequencing lessons logically, and supporting students in organizing new knowledge by providing scaffolds and structures for learning” (Kennedy et al., 2018).


Kennedy, M. J., Peeples, K. N., Romig, J. E., Mathews, H. M., Rodgers, W. J.  (2018). High-leverage practice #12: Systematically designed instruction towards learning goals. https://highleveragepractices.org/hlp-12-systematically-design-instruct…