HLP #7: Establish a Consistent, Organized and Respectful Learning Environment

“This video provides a definition, background, and rationale for high-leverage practice (HLP) 7 and demonstrates three key components of this HLP through video exemplars from general and special education teachers. The three key components highlighted in this video are the importance of defining and teaching classroom expectations and rules, using a continuum of strategies to acknowledge appropriate behavior with high frequency, and optimizing instructional time” (Kennedy et al., 2018).


Kennedy, M. J., Hirsch, S.E., Peeples K. N., Romig, J. E., Mathews, H. M., Rodgers, W. J.  (2018). High-leverage practice #7: Establish a consistent, organized, and respectful learning environment. https://highleveragepractices.org/hlp-7-establish-consistent-organized-….